Selina Hatt Ashurst
Selina Hatt Ashurst Selina Ashurst
Teaches: Fundamentals of Celebrancy; Weddings

Selina Ashurst is the first Life-Cycle Celebrant in New Brunswick, Canada. She earned her certificate in Wedding Celebrancy in 2009; Funeral Celebrancy in 2010 and Family Celebrancy in 2011. Prior to becoming a Celebrant, Selina has had several careers: as a library clerk, community access coordinator, technical editor for Microsoft product support services, and as a manager in a bookstore. She received her Associate of Arts diploma from Crandall University, and completed the Book Publishing Program at Simon Fraser University. Selina is the sole proprietor of Tree of Life Celebrant Ceremonies. She has had a life-long passion for reading, the written word, travel, and art. Selina is a passionate advocate for changing Canadian laws to allow Celebrants to legally officiate at marriages in the country.

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