Cristina Simone Kollet
Cristina Simone Kollet Teaches: Fundamentals of Celebrancy, Weddings & Ceremonies for Families & Children

Cristina Kollet became a Life-Cycle Celebrant after seeking a Celebrant to perform her own personalized wedding. She is triple-certified in Weddings, Funerals, and Ceremonies for Families & Children, receiving her diplomas in 2006 and 2010. She is also the Celebrant Foundation's Head of New Media, charged with spearheading its social media presence and evolving blog. She is a current Master Life-Cycle Celebrant candidate, scheduled to receive her diploma April 2012. Cris, who received her degree in English and Anthropology from Rutgers University, has pursued a career in technical writing while working as a busy part time Celebrant. She is also a certified Emergency First Response instructor. Cris has volunteered with the Power Lunch reading program, helping grade-school students practice their reading. She is also a SCUBA diver and hopes to one day perform an underwater wedding!

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