Woody Winfree
Woody Winfree Teaches: Funerals & Ceremonies for Healing

Woody Winfree has been a certified Celebrant since 2004 in both weddings and funerals, and is in her fifth year on the Institute's funerals faculty. She has a BA in Communications and worked for decades in newspaper, magazine and television journalism. She is a published author and crossed the country for 15 years as a public speaker, inspiring female audiences to discover and celebrate the power of their unique beauty - beyond the ideals of popular culture. Woody feels that her contribution as a Celebrant and a funerals teacher draws on her every skill and passion as a writer, storyteller and activist to enrich and deepen her life and those of others. She is the senior member of CF&I's funerals faculty, and presented at the 2011 Collective Wisdom Conference on nature as inspiration for ceremony.

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